Do you know about poultry farming equipment-chicken house environmental control instrument?

In this era of intelligence, in order to improve work efficiency and work quality, various industries will have various types of intelligent equipment to work. In the chicken industry, the emergence of all kinds of automated poultry breeding equipment has also led to the era of scale and automation. Many standard chicken farms now use chicken farming equipment and chicken house environment control instruments to control the environment of the chicken house. The following author will take farmers to learn about this intelligent chicken raising equipment.

1. The concept of chicken house environmental control instrument for chicken breeding equipment: The environmental control instrument for chicken breeding equipment is a kind of comprehensive automatic control equipment, which is produced in response to the requirements of modern breeding industry to intensive and large-scale development. The development trend of equipment. The equipment uses advanced sensing technology to collect various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, static pressure, ammonia, and light in the poultry house into the microcomputer processor. The microcomputer processor uses intelligent algorithms to automatically turn on or off the fan, wet curtain, small ventilation window, hot blast stove, water supply system, feeding system, and manure removal system according to the feeding process. Automatically realize the functions of ammonia discharge, fresh air supplement, heating and heat preservation, wet curtain spray cooling, timing feeding, timing cleaning, timing lighting, fault alarm and other functions. The chickens are kept in a comfortable environment at all times, which greatly improves the feed conversion rate, saves the cost of feeding, and improves the profit of feeding.

2. Performance characteristics of chicken house environment control instrument for chicken breeding equipment:

2.1 The chicken raising equipment cages control instrument has a unique horizontal and vertical ventilation switch and mode selection;

2.2. Humidity compensation setting for the control instrument of the chicken breeding equipment to make the breeding room environment comfortable;

Safe chicken coops

2.3. The lighting is controlled by time period;

2.4. High temperature, low temperature and related parameters exceed limit alarm and display;

2.5. Unique fan start protection;

2.6. The controller can be connected to a computer, so that information management is centralized and control strategies can be distinguished.

2.7. Automatic temperature control is realized, and unique protection measures are set in the equipment, which can effectively avoid catastrophic accidents;

2.8. The environmental control instrument adopts a fully enclosed waterproof case, which makes the farmers safe, reliable and easy to install, and most of the equipment has a 7-inch large LCD touch screen, full Chinese animation display, friendly operation interface, and convenient parameter equipment;

2.9. It can be connected to temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor, ammonia concentration sensor, carbon dioxide concentration sensor, hydrogen sulfide concentration sensor, and accurate data can be obtained in a shorter reaction time;

2.10. According to the corresponding temperature and humidity curve and ventilation curve set by the data collected by the sensor, the controller can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity setting value and the ventilation cycle according to the user’s requirements within a given period of time.

In general, due to the high cost of intelligent automatic breeding equipment, it is suitable for large-scale poultry breeding projects with sufficient funds. For farms with a breeding capacity of less than 50,000 chickens, semi-automated poultry farming equipment is sufficient.