What kind of feed do you choose for layer cages?

Laying hen cages raise chickens and live in cages. Feed is the only source of nutrients for chickens. So the quality of feed is very important. Here’s how to teach farmers how to buy feed.


First of all, we must choose a regular feed factory. Before purchasing feed products, one should understand the production capacity, technical strength and management level of the feed production enterprise in many ways. As far as possible, choose products produced by companies with advanced production equipment, strong technical force, standardized management, and good reputation.


Do not change the feed casually. Do not change the compound feed at will during the feeding process. The nutrient content and raw material composition of compound feed produced by different manufacturers may be quite different. Changing the feed too frequently can easily trigger a stress response, which is not conducive to the growth or production of free-range chickens.


Observe the color of the contrast feed. A certain brand and type of feed. Its color remains relatively stable for a certain period of time. Because the colors of various feed ingredients are different. Different manufacturers have different formulas. Therefore, it cannot be measured by a uniform color standard. But when buying feed of the same brand. If the color changes too much, don’t buy it lightly.

Observe the uniformity of the feed. High-quality feed produced by regular manufacturers. The mixing is very uniform. When choosing feed, one should look at the uniformity from the different parts of each package.


The above is the method for farmers to purchase chicken cages shared by the suppliers of automatic chicken breeding equipment. Hope it can help everyone.