Production and practice of modern layer cage system in Uganda

The meaning of modern layer cage system in Uganda for raising chickens

The chicken industry is raised with modern industrial equipment, the chicken industry is armed with modern technology, and the chicken industry is nourished with modern management theory and methods. This process is the process of raising chickens with modern layer chicken cage equipment. Its basic characteristics are scientific, intensive, commercial and market-oriented. The basic features are high yield, low consumption and high efficiency. The basic requirements are specialization, integration and modernization.

At present, a large number of “modern chicken farms” are emerging, because there is currently a lack of an international standard. The standard “modern chicken raising” has yet to be perfected.

At present, it is more appropriate to call such a model “large-scale standardized chicken raising”. Due to the wide scope of modernization and the inclusion of many contents, it is difficult to fully realize it at present.



Advantages of modern battery chicken cage for sale in poultry farms


It is conducive to the realization of factoryization, standardization, standardized management and environmental automation control, and obtains scale benefits. Practice has proved that modern chicken raising can save land and labor resources due to its high degree of automation.

According to the production requirements of laying hens and the law of chicken growth and development, good environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light, ventilation) can be provided for chickens to ensure the healthy growth of chickens.

It can effectively control the environment and is not easily affected by external adverse factors (high temperature, high cold, strong wind, heavy rain), so that the chickens can grow and develop healthily in a stable environment and have the ability to resist risks.

The large-scale standardized chicken farm adopts closed feeding management, which is conducive to the control of epidemic diseases and drug residues, and has created conditions and laid a foundation for the realization of laying hens’ hygiene and safety requirements.

The automation control of the chicken house overcomes randomness and can realize standardized and standardized management. It is beneficial to reduce stress and reduce the production of pathogenic factors;

The high quality of laying hens is conducive to protecting the health of consumers, conducive to export, and can improve market competitiveness.

Practice has proved that it is imperative to take the road of modern chicken farming to achieve large-scale, standardized, and industrialized production of broiler farming, with high yield, high efficiency, and low consumption, with anti-risk capabilities and market competitiveness.

In order to achieve benefits, we must realize that modern farming is not only about modernization of equipment and emphasis on automatic control, but also scientific production management, using science and technology to guide production, according to the growth law of chickens, providing excellent environmental conditions for chickens, and implementing biological Safety measures to ensure healthy growth and development of flocks. To achieve: unify the form and content, focus on both equipment and scientific application, not only the form but not the science.