How to maintain chicken machinery

First, the chicken feeding equipment, in the regular maintenance of poultry farming equipment, we must pay attention to the following:

     1. For each batch of chickens, the chicken shaft of the chicken feed line is filled with butter for maintenance. The motor bucket can drop a few drops of vegetable oil to prevent rust.

     2. For each batch of chickens, check the fasteners of the material line and the lifting system to tighten the screws.

     3. Line switch and contact controlled by the material line, check if there is looseness to prevent poor contact.


Second, the heating equipment for chicken equipment The use of chicken hot air stove and precautions:

     1. In the spring, summer and autumn, the chicken hot blast stove should add less coal and add coal to avoid the furnace temperature being too high and continue to blow hot air into the shed.

     2. The chicken hot blast stove should be cleaned of the ash in each of the three batches of chickens to prevent the ash from being too much, affecting the burning and warming.

     3. The blower and the smoke ejector of the chicken hot blast stove should be filled with a batch of chickens to raise chickens every time, how to maintain the chicken machinery to prevent the bearing from malfunctioning.