Details that are easy to ignore in raising chicken

When farmers raise chickens and raise chickens, when the seasons alternate, the temperature is unstable. When the factors change, some details will be ignored. What details need us to pay attention?

1. Immunization work of chickens: It is easy to infect some epidemic diseases during the season change. It is an effective means to prevent diseases in time, and it can not be replaced by drugs.

2, for the choice of chicks: the quality of the chicks is related to the future benefits, but many farmers will ignore the choice of the quality of the chicks, bad chicken farmers may not be able to
Keep it up, even if you need to spend more cost and energy, so be sure to pay attention to quality problems when buying chicken.

3, ventilation, heat preservation, moisturizing control: These three factors are indispensable for the healthy growth of chicken, we should make corresponding preparations in each season for poultry cage equipment, ventilation, heat preservation, moisturizing work must be strictly followed Scientific farming methods.