How to prevent fire in chicken farms?

Breeding greenhouses are a high-risk zone for fires. In order to prevent fires, farmers should strengthen fire prevention measures to prevent open flames. It is strictly forbidden to pull wires. When heating with coal stoves, keep a certain distance from surrounding combustibles. In addition, in the vicinity of the breeding greenhouse, you can dig pools, storage tanks and sand, etc., in case of emergency.

Safe chicken coops

Ensure that the power supply systems in the ventilation system, the egg collection system, and other functional systems in the house are not overloaded. The power supply system in your poultry farming equipment for sale should be made of high-quality materials, using appropriate fuses, wires and corresponding levels of power-off protectors. Use a junction box at any of the wire connectors. In premises that need to be regularly flushed with high-pressure water, waterproof wires, waterproof sockets, and sealed motors should be used to protect the electrical equipment from moisture.