What is a double chicken house?

A double deck chicken house is a breeding facility mainly used to raise laying or broiler chickens. It uses a double-layer structure design, with a certain space between the upper and lower layers, and is usually used to raise laying hens or broilers. Double-deck chicken coop has the following characteristics:
1. High space utilization rate: Double-layer chicken coop uses vertical space, improves the space utilization rate of chicken coop and reduces land occupation. Compared to single-layer coop, two-layer coop can raise more chickens on a piece of land.
2. Environmental control ability: Double-layer chicken coop is usually equipped with automatic environmental control system, which can achieve accurate control of the temperature, humidity, ventilation and other environment in the chicken coop, providing a comfortable living environment for chickens.
3. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The design of double-layer chicken coop is conducive to natural insulation and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the automatic control system can achieve precise regulation and avoid energy waste.
4. Easy to manage: the double-layer chicken house has a high breeding density, which is conducive to automated management and centralized feeding. Farmers can be more convenient to carry out feeding, feeding, cleaning and other work.
5. Disease prevention and control: Double-deck chicken houses are conducive to the implementation of biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of disease transmission. The isolation design between the upper and lower layers reduces the chance of chickens coming into contact with each other, helping to prevent the occurrence and spread of disease.
6. Excellent growth environment: Double-layer chicken coop is usually equipped with comfortable lighting system, ventilation system, etc., which is conducive to the growth and development of chickens and improve the quality of eggs and meat.
In short, the double deck chicken house is a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly breeding facility suitable for large-scale layer or broiler breeding. It is beneficial to improve space utilization, reduce breeding costs, facilitate management, ensure chicken welfare and achieve sustainable development. However, the construction and management of double-layer chicken coop requires higher requirements, and requires certain technical strength and experience. In the process of construction and operation, attention should be paid to the design, equipment selection, feeding management and other aspects of the chicken house to ensure the efficient operation of the chicken house.