Things to pay attention to in the process of breeding laying hens

The following points need to be noted in the process of breeding laying hens:
1. Environmental hygiene: Keep the environment inside and outside the coop hygienic, avoid harmful bacteria breeding, regularly clean the coop feces, and keep the drinking water equipment clean.
2. Feed nutrition: Choose the nutritious feed suitable for laying hens, and rationally match the type and amount of feed to ensure that the chickens consume enough nutrients.
3. Safety management: Implement epidemic prevention measures to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, regularly check the health of chickens, and ensure the safety of facilities in the chicken house.
4. Chicken house ventilation: Keep the air in the chicken house fresh and control the indoor temperature to avoid overcrowding and ensure that the chickens live comfortably.
5. Select good chicken seedlings: Select large-scale manufacturers that have epidemic prevention, formal management, and can provide breeding livestock and poultry production and operation licenses, veterinary health licenses, and introduction certificates to ensure that the parents of chicken seedlings come from large-scale original breeding farms.
6. Reasonable turnover of chickens: according to the market conditions and equipment conditions of the farm, reasonable planning of breeding plan, egg prices can be appropriately increased when the number of breeding, vice versa.
7. Pay attention to light: Ensure adequate light time for laying hens, which is conducive to laying eggs and growth and development.
8. Control density: reasonable control of the density in the chicken house to avoid overcrowding, affecting the growth of chickens and egg production.
9. Do a good job in disease prevention and control: carry out regular vaccination, strengthen disease surveillance, and promptly isolate and treat cases to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
10. Breeding records: record the growth, feed consumption, vaccination, egg production and other data of laying hens in detail, which is convenient to analyze the status of chickens and adjust breeding management measures.
Through the above precautions, the success rate of laying hens can be improved, and the production performance and product quality of laying hens can be improved.

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