How to improve chicken disease resistance rate

When raising chickens in chicken cages for sale, of course, it will inevitably encounter problems such as illness, which will not only cause economic losses but also increase the workload for the farmers, which will be very troublesome. So take measures to prevent chickens from getting sick, so how to improve the chicken’s resistance rate?

First of all, we must give the chicken a healthy living environment, maintain proper ventilation conditions, and change the temperature of the house at any time according to changes in temperature, so as to avoid stress reaction and minimize unnecessary stress factors. Generally speaking, the temperature in summer will be Relatively high, the situation of heat stress will be very large. At this time, the immunity and disease resistance rate of the chicken will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature of the house in a timely manner to prevent the chicken from getting sick. In the spring and autumn season, the temperature will be If you are high or low, you should pay attention to this problem in time. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, but you should also pay attention to ventilation while keeping the insulation warm, to avoid the excessive ammonia gas affecting the breathing of the chicken.

The intestine is the largest immune organ of the chicken. The intestinal tract is not good. The health of the chicken is definitely not guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the chicken’s intestinal problems. There is also the problem of feeding the chicken. If the density is too large, the chicken’s breathing and excretion are also It will cause environmental problems in the house to cause an increase in disease, so it is necessary to clean up the manure in time. Maintaining reasonable lighting, excessive and insufficient light will affect the growth and development of the chicken, and should maintain a reasonable lighting situation.

Scientific feeding is also an indispensable part of the growth of chickens. According to different stages of chicken, different growth and development, and different health conditions, different feedings are required, so that the chickens fed will grow better, and there is Save the chicken feed to avoid mildew, etc., so that the chicken will develop disease after eating the feed. Cause economic losses.