How to prevent moisture in summer chicken houses

The weather in summer is hot. The chicken houses are usually hot and hot. To help the chickens in the chicken layer cages for sale cool down, after all, the chickens are a creature without sweat glands, and the season of high temperature and high humidity is not conducive to the normal growth of chickens. High humidity can cause heat stress in the flock, reduce feed intake, reduce growth and production performance, etc. Therefore, in the process of raising chickens in summer, farmers should not only do the cooling work, but also prevent excessive moisture in the house. The following small series will introduce farmers to how to prevent moisture in chicken cages.



1. When the farmers start building battery cage system for layers and raise chicken houses, it is recommended that the farmers choose the chicken farm site to choose a higher ground and dry, and build chicken cages for chickens in areas that are conducive to drainage, flood control, ventilation and quiet environment. House, the chicken coops built by the chicken house should be in the direction of the north facing south, in order to facilitate the insulation and moisture protection of the chicken cage.

2. Compared with winter and autumn, the temperature and humidity in spring and summer are relatively high, so the farmers should pay attention to strengthen the ventilation of the chicken house in these two seasons, pay attention to heat preservation, the temperature of the chicken house in the general chicken cage is not lower than 15 ° C, and pay attention to prevent thieves, anti-wind, etc., while under the premise of moderate insulation, ventilation should be strengthened to avoid more moisture in the chicken coop.

3. In addition, in the process of using chicken cages to raise chickens, although the breeding density is large, it must meet the requirements. It is not possible to increase the density blindly. To maintain proper stocking density, if the density of breeding is too large, it will cause chickens. The crowding of the group is not conducive to moisture.

4. In addition, farmers should pay attention to prevent water leakage from drinking utensils. When water dispensers are found to leak water, they should be sealed or replaced according to specific conditions; timely remove and dry the leaks on the ground of chicken cages to eliminate the formation of water vapor. The disadvantages.

5. Farmers should actively prevent diseases during the process of raising chickens, such as not actively preventing and treating diseases that can cause chickens to expel thin feces and make them wet on the ground, such as ferrets, gastroenteritis, infectious bursal disease, Newcastle disease, chicken infectious bronchitis, coccidiosis, etc.

The above is a summary of the summer chicken cages to prevent the dampness of the chicken house, only for farmers to refer to, if the farmers still want to know more about chicken news, you can continue to pay attention to our Levi.