The Common Solution to Solve Problems of the Chicken Equipment Water Line

In the chicken farms that are generally raised on the floor or on the net, the water line of chicken-raising equipment is the most basic and more important equipment. Therefore, if there is a problem with the water line of the chicken farm, it will threaten the healthy growth of chickens.  The farmer should use the feed line equipment reasonably and scientifically to solve the problem in a time.

If the feed line motor does not work, first check whether the motor has been burned. You can remove the power cable above the motor from the control cabinet and connect it to the main power supply separately. Then check if the motor is running. If the motor is running, it means that there is a problem in the control cabinet. Check whether the contactor inside the control cabinet is working properly and whether the line contacts are loose. If the motor is not running, check the wire for breakage. If it is determined that the wire is intact, this proves to be a problem with the motor and the motor needs to be repaired.

Feed line motor in poultry feedong line is very important ancillary equipment for floor raising.

Waterline material strands auger common problems. The auger of the feed line must not be reversed. If the run is reversed, the auger will be twisted or the auger will be ejected from the feed pipe. If the auger breaks, the user must immediately contact the manufacturer to quickly replace or solder the auger.


Water line lifting system common problems. The lift system occupies the most critical role in the entire waterline feed line equipment. If there is a problem with the lift system, the feed line cannot be raised to the proper height, which affects the chicken’s feeding. Therefore, after each batch of chickens is sold out, the user must check whether the lifting system and moving pulleys are normal. When using them at ordinary times, check the performance of the lifting system regularly.