Spring broiler farming considerations

Spring is a good time to breed broilers. Farmers must seize this opportunity to use poultry battery cages to breed broilers to their best. Some of the problems that farmers need to pay attention to during this period, the authors give you a summary of the following.

1. The heat preservation cannot be completely implemented, and there is a phenomenon that the chickens are cold. There will be cases where the chicks are cold and cause the disease of the flock.

2. There is more dust in the chicken house, ignoring the ventilation. These phenomena are easy to cause water in the heart, lungs and abdominal cavity, and the growth is blocked. The uniformity of the broiler is poor, and there are many chickens.

3. Chicken manure is not cleaned up in time, the accumulation is too thick, the humidity is too high, the ammonia gas and the odor are too strong, it is easy to poison the chicken, showing white crown, black lung, pericardial water and so on.

4. Insufficient ventilation or gas leakage from the gas furnace or poor exhaust pipe leads to gas and carbon dioxide poisoning.

5. Management is extensive, buckets and drinking fountains are not cleaned regularly, and too much feed is added at one time, resulting in pollution and waste of feed.

6. The responsibility of individual feeding managers is not strong. The drinking water and feed of the chicken house are not added in time, which may lead to stress on the chickens and even cause the chickens to develop.
7. The drinking water system is not cleaned and disinfected frequently, or the Sai Kexin or Succa bacteria are directly consumed without flushing the water pipe. The drinking water is unclean and easy to cause enteritis.

8. The density is too large, not paying attention to grouping or not expanding in time, which may lead to poor air quality or high humidity in the house.

9. The epidemic prevention operation is not standardized. There are no overalls and shoes in the chicken house. The feeding management personnel do not change shoes. The limestone powder is used for disinfection at the entrance of the farm (the lime is not disinfected in a dry environment), the vaccine bottle and the remaining vaccine are placed. At the door of the chicken house, the house is full of dust, spider webs, and the outside is dirty, the debris is scattered, and the chicken manure is piled up at or near the chicken farm, causing a vicious circle of pathogens.

10. Do not pay attention to regular inspection of electrical appliances and circuits. When heating with a stove, do not pay attention to isolate it from flammable materials, and there is no fire extinguishing device such as fire extinguisher in the house. In case of fire, it will cause huge losses.

11. After the chickens are out of the bar, they are not cleaned, rinsed and disinfected immediately, resulting in a short time for the real empty house.