What do you need to consider when using chicken cages to raise chickens?

The use of chicken cages for raising chickens is a commonly used method for raising chickens in recent years. The use of chicken cages to raise chickens allows farmers to obtain more chickens and improve their efficiency. Before using chicken battery cages to raise chickens, farmers should consider many aspects and cannot do it blindly. Need to consider the purchase of chicken cages, chicken technology and feeding costs, as well as chicken feed and so on, only prepare to be able to panic during the chicken raising process.

1. Chicken cage equipment selection: Chicken cage equipment varies according to chicken breeds. Chicken cage equipment is divided into three types: layer cage, broiler battery cages, and brooding cage. Farmers need to choose the appropriate chicken cage and chicken cage specifications according to their own chicken breeds. In addition, when you choose, you can find more manufacturers to consult, not to be cheap, you need to consider high quality and low price equipment, the quality of the chicken cage is related to the age.

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2. Chicken raising technology: Rational and scientific chicken raising technology is the key to success. Only by learning the scientific chicken-raising technology and doing the breeding management can the chickens be better cultivated. Different chickens and different growth stages require different feeding management, so farmers must work hard on chicken raising techniques. Before raising chickens, it is necessary to learn and understand the common epidemic diseases of farmed chicken breeds, feed management at various stages, and what feed nutrients are needed.

3. Cost of raising chicken: This is something that farmers must consider. Only after calculating the cost, the farmer can know how much benefit he has gained after raising the chicken. The cost of raising chickens generally includes:

1) The price of chicken feeding equipment such as chicken cages purchased by farmers. In addition, farmers need to consider that the service life of general equipment is more than ten years, so farmers need to average the cost of computing equipment, do not put the equipment on the first batch of chickens at one time;

2) Feed cost, feed is generally more than the total cost of raising chicken;

3) The cost of buying chickens by farmers;

4) During the breeding process, the funds for the immunoprevention of the farmers should also be calculated into the cost;

5) Funds for treating diseases;

4. Feeding chicken feed: Feed is the key and foundation for ensuring healthy growth and production of the flock. Therefore, feed is very important. Before raising chickens, farmers can understand the nutritional needs of each stage of their own chicken breeds and the price of feed on the market.

The above four aspects are some aspects and problems that farmers need to consider in the process of using chicken cages to raise chickens. For farmers only for reference.