Installation measures using poultry breeding equipment

Poultry breeding equipment includes a lot of automated and mechanized equipment, which facilitates the breeding management of farmers, while farmers should also manage the safety measures of these equipment. If some links in the control system of poultry breeding equipment fail and cannot be detected and dealt with in time, disasters may occur within a few minutes. In order to avoid such disasters, many automatic control systems have designed their own various safety systems. The author refers to the opinions of poultry equipment manufacturers to tell you several safety measures:

1. When the safety system is powered off, the safety system automatically enables the backup battery and radio device to ensure the normal operation of the safety system of the chicken breeding equipment itself.

2. When the power supply system is out of power, the standby generator set will be used to provide power to ensure the normal production of poultry battery cage equipment.

Safe chicken coops

3. The working machinery in the key links adopts the backup system (such as standby heaters, etc.) to facilitate stressful use in unexpected situations;

4. Chicken production equipment production system is designed with two modes: manual control and electronic automatic control. When the electronic automatic control system fails, the operator can manually control the production process to ensure normal production.

5. The alarm signal is transmitted by wireless transmission technology. The alarm signal receiver is a wireless signal receiver (similar to a DP machine). The management personnel can receive the alarm signal anytime, anywhere, and can handle related events in time.

The above are a few of the authors share, the safety measures of farmers when using chicken farming equipment. Thank you for your interest in our website. If you want to learn more, or if you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact our technical service staff at any time.