The main point of feeding chicken medicine

Medicine prevention is an important method for raising chickens in poultry farming equipment for sale,and scientific and reasonable prevention of medicine administration can avoid cost increase and labor saving and improve breeding efficiency. So what are the main points for feeding chicken?

Staged, different stages of chicken medication should be different, according to the characteristics of the conditions of targeted medication, thus receiving the desired effect with half the effort.

Timeliness, the time of administration is very important, and the initial use of the drug is generally better when the disease occurs. If it is severe, the drug is often ineffective. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the timely use of medicine.

Accuracy, there are many kinds of medicine at present, there are many kinds of drugs for similar diseases, but the effect will be different for a specific flock. So make sure the accuracy.

Safety, choose a regular pharmacy to buy medicine, so as not to cause trouble later.