How to carry out cleaning farming equipment

Cleaning and disinfection of laying hens and cages for poultry farming equipment for sale:

1. Wash the chicken house and cages, wash the chicken houses and cages with tap water, and do not leave dead ends when cleaning. The trough and water line should also be thoroughly cleaned to avoid residual feed, dirt and feces.

2, the disinfection of chicken houses and cages, caged laying hens are more densely stocked, and the method of spraying or fumigation is used for disinfection. If the disinfection is not complete, it is easy to leave bacteria and viruses, which is not conducive to future feeding and disease prevention. Disinfectants should be used interchangeably during disinfection, and the dosage should be well controlled. Close the door and window of the chicken house before fumigation and disinfection, and block all gaps. After disinfection, open the doors and windows and ventilate for 1-2 days to prepare for the chicks.