The Laying hen healthy breeding technology

Many farmers choose to raise laying hens. We must ensure that the hens in the layer chicken cage can grow up healthily so that they can bring in benefits. How should we do about the healthy farming techniques of laying hens?

The daily operating points of laying hens include drinking water. Eating and disinfecting, drinking water requires not only water pipe cleaning. It is best to disinfect drinking water for 1.2 weeks per month. Let the chicken use clean, pure water. Improve the resistance of the chicken.


After the lamp is turned on, it is the feeding peak of the laying hens 2 to 3 hours before the lamp is turned off. These two time periods must be guaranteed. Let the chickens eat well. To do this, feed at least 2 to 4 times a day. Every time you need to add less feed to make sure the chicken is finished. And there must be an empty slot. Not only let the chicken eat, but also eat well. Make sure the weight of the chicken is even. Promote the growth of the flock. Prepare to improve the performance of laying hens in laying hen cage equipment.





Strengthen the sanitation and disinfection inside and outside the chicken house. Disinfect the drinking utensils regularly. For conditional breeders, it is necessary to sterilize the chicken twice a week. Pay attention to the on-site environmental disinfection work. And eliminate weeds around the house and in the fields. Do a good job in environmental sanitation. Lighting management point, chick lighting time. The first day is 23 hours. After that, it will be reduced by 0.5 hours. It will remain for 12 to 13 hours, during which the length of the light will lengthen or shorten with weight. It is not recommended that the chicks be given light 24 hours on the first day. It can’t be lit for 24 hours in a row. In this way, the chicks are prone to fatigue, and the rest are not good, and the immunity of the chicken is reduced.

The temperature of the laying house is preferably kept between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. The temperature difference within the house should not exceed 7 within 24 hours. C, preferably kept within 4 degrees. The relative humidity of the house should be kept at 55%. 65%. Chicks or southern chicken houses account for 60%. 70%. At the same time, pay attention to the ventilation of the chicken house Poultry Equipment for Sale.