Misunderstandings of using chickens for poultry farming

The development of science and technology has promoted the progress of the laying hen industry. Nowadays, there are many breeding households in our lives to breed laying hens. Tanzanian farmers often use poultry battery cage equipment for breeding, which can not only increase the number of breeders, but also provide a comfortable environment for chicken houses. However, there are many misunderstandings in the use of laying hen equipment for many farmers, which leads to unsatisfactory benefits.

1. There is no concept of disease prevention: Many farmers think that there is no need to prevent disease. If they prevent it, they still get disease, and treatment is enough. However, in the course of treatment, the medicine has an impact on the quality and performance of the flock. Even if the disease is cured, the chicken will not be the same as in the healthy period. “Prevention first, prevention priority over governance” are the principles that must be observed in the large-scale breeding process. Some conditions cannot be controlled at all, and control can only be achieved when prevention is usually done.

2. The management system is not clear: the use of automatic laying hen battery cages to raise chickens must not have a reasonable management system in the same way as before. You can’t leave the chickens alone, just think they’re good. Do not pay attention to the flock and keep track of the health status of the flock at any time, such as: feed intake, death rate, medication, etc. are not clearly recorded. When breeding, there is no digital concept at all, and the success rate of such breeding is very small.

3. Do not pay attention to chick breeding: The selection and breeding of chicks is a guarantee for the healthy growth and production of adult layers, so both the selection and breeding of chicks and the breeding of farmers need careful selection and breeding. If you want to choose cheap chickens that are not high quality, you can’t help raising chickens according to science.

4. Pay attention to the survival rate and ignore the compliance rate: It is not that the survival rate of chickens raised by farmers is high, and the benefits can be improved. Many farmers do not pay attention to the uniformity of the flock and whether the weight is up to the standard. As a result, many users feel that the survival rate of their chickens is okay, and they have eaten a lot of feed. Why is the flock not effective? When breeding, don’t blindly pursue the survival rate, and ignore the feed-to-meat ratio. The feed-to-meat ratio occupies a large proportion in our breeding process.

5. Do not pay attention to feed nutrition: Many farmers will always feed a feed ingredient, and the feed composition will not change, which will cause the nutritional imbalance of chickens. The requirements are different. To reduce the cost of feeding, we must adjust the nutrition of the feed in time according to the nutritional needs of the poultry.

6. Do not clean the henhouse before disinfection: cleaning the henhouse before disinfection can ensure the effect of disinfection, but many farmers do not have the habit of cleaning the henhouse. Disinfection only disinfects the dirt on the surface, so the disinfection is no different from not disinfecting.

The author told the farmers about the misunderstandings when using laying egg hen cage equipment to raise chickens. According to the actual situation of their own chicken farms, each breeder carefully strengthened the breeding management and obtained greater economic benefits. I hope the above content can help everyone.