How do you use new corn to raise chicken?

Formulate Chicken Feed Properly

When using the acquired corn, the moisture content of the corn should be regularly checked, and the amount of corn used should be roughly calculated to ensure a suitable energy-to-protein ratio. If the moisture content of corn exceeds 14%, it must compensate for the lack of effective energy value caused by moisture. The common method is to increase the amount of corn or use high-energy oil. In areas where the moisture of corn reaches 25% or more.

Baby chicken eat feed

It is recommended that all farmers use high-quality full-price materials in your chicken farm equipment; in areas where corn moisture reaches 20% to 25%, about 2% of soybean oil, corn oil, etc, and can be replenished per ton of feed, or high-quality oil can be used. Full price; corn water in 15% to 20% of the region, can increase the amount of corn used or use high quality full price. The improper use of new corn can cause a large difference in feed energy, which is intuitively manifested as problems such as decreased egg production, slower weight gain, even negative weight gain, and high risk of disease, which ultimately leads to a decline in economic benefits.