The aquaculture manufacturer tells you how to deodorize the chicken house?

Large-scale farming is carried out using chicken houses and poultry farming equipment. However, due to the high density of breeding, there are a lot of harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and formaldehyde in the chicken house, which is not only smelly, but also very It is difficult to provide a good living environment for the flocks, and even lead to various respiratory diseases of the flock. So what are the ways to deodorize?

The house is mixed with 5 kg of sulfur per 100 square meters of ground, mixed into the litter, maintain the appropriate humidity, and clean the litter every 15 days. The sulphur is mixed into the litter to make the pH of the litter less than 7.0, which can inhibit the generation and emission of ammonia in the feces, reduce the ammonia content in the air of the house, and reduce the odor of ammonia. Or 10 kilograms of calcium phosphate per 100 square meters of ground in the house, sprinkled on the ground litter, usually once every 15 days. The superphosphate reacts with the ammonia gas produced in the chicken manure to form an odorless solid ammonium phosphate salt, which can reduce the emission of ammonia in the feces and reduce the odor of the house.



Hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, copper sulfate, acetic acid, etc. have a deodorizing effect, which can reduce the air odor of the chicken house. The method is to spray the padding with 4% copper sulfate, or 2% benzoic acid or 2% acetic acid, and at the same time, 5 kilograms of cooked lime per 100 square meters of chicken house, once every 15 days, timely clear the litter. Adding 5% fluorite powder to the chicken diet and feeding it all can increase the digestion and utilization rate of the feed, reduce the water content of the feces, and reduce the smell in the feces.

Spray deodorization, use 0.3% peroxyacetic acid solution, 30 ml per cubic meter of space, spray the chicken house and chicken body with a sprayer, 1-2 times a week. Peracetic acid can form ammonium acetate with ammonia gas, which not only disinfects and prevents chickens, but also improves the air quality of the house and reduces the harmful gas content. Activated carbon, cinder, quicklime, etc. have a strong adsorption effect, and these adsorbed substances are placed in the net bag and suspended in the chicken house, or scattered on the ground, which can absorb the odor in the air and remove harmful gases in the air. .

The above are several ways to deodorize the chicken battery cages . The chicken farmers must strengthen management, clean up the feces and litter in time, keep the ventilation of the chicken house, and avoid the cold of the chickens when ventilation in autumn and winter. I hope the above methods are for the chicken farmers.