What problems should you pay attention to when raising chickens in summer?

Chickens are raised in the summer and there are not much changes in other seasons. The summer environment is characterized by “high temperature and high humidity”. As long as we focus on this remarkable feature, we can make changes to our farming methods in a targeted manner to ensure the normal living environment of the chickens. Then, we can consider the following several conveniences.

1. Ventilation. Ventilation can take away the exhaust of the chicken house and take away the hot air from the house to maintain the temperature. The average house is longitudinally ventilated, blown from above the house, and can also take away the exhaust from the house to make the chicken feel comfortable. When ventilating, many new breeders like to buy a table fan installed above the chicken house. At high temperatures, the chicken is cooled by air. This practice is a misunderstanding, the chicken does not have sweat glands, the direct blowing of the chicken can not let the chicken directly cool down, can not achieve the effect, it will also lead to the bottom of the carbon dioxide can not get out, the heat is deposited at the bottom. The improved method is to install the fan at the bottom of the house and blow it from bottom to top to form an upward airflow that blows hot air and exhaust gas out.

2. Set up a pergola. The pergola is generally built around the sports area. In order to allow the chicken to have only a cool rest area, avoid prolonged activities in the hot sun. The pergola should be made of materials that can block sunlight and have good ventilation properties.

3. Spray heat reduction. Sprinkling water in the house is also a common method of cooling for the free-range households. However, if the water is cooled, if it is not used, it will have the opposite effect. For example, some primary farmers will spray directly onto the chicken, which will only cause heat stress in the chicken. First of all, we should understand the principle of water spray cooling. Water spray cooling is the use of liquid water to evaporate in the air, using evaporation and heat absorption to cool down, so it is necessary to consider this aspect when spraying water. Therefore, the time of spraying water should be effective only when it is dry and windy. This also facilitates the evaporation of water.

4. Color cooling method. Most people know that black is hot in summer, so they like to wear light clothes. This theory has also been applied to chickens. We can say that the ceiling of the chicken house is painted white, so that the temperature can be controlled with a certain effect.

5. Appropriately reduce the stocking density of the chicken battery cages. In summer, the density of chickens is too large, and the temperature inside the house will be higher. It is unfavorable for the growth and development of chickens in the late brooding period. Generally, the feeding density should be reduced by one-fifth according to normal conditions.