Maintenance of  automatic manure removal equipment and feeding equipment in poultry farming equipment

Modern and contemporary poultry farmers cannot do without automatic poultry farming equipment. They have become good helpers for farmers to develop poultry farming. Today’s poultry equipment is very automatic and has a long service life. But it also requires maintenance and maintenance to ensure that the equipment can work normally for a long time.

The most widely used poultry equipment is manure cleaning and feeding equipment. These two are larger devices. Farmers must maintain daily.



After the poultry manure removal equipment is used for a period of time, the manure removal belt will be loose. If the farmer finds such conditions, he must cut off the worn section and weld it again. In addition, many farmers’ manure removal opportunities have a roll-up condition. And farmers only need to pave the manure removal belt in the position of the passive drum.

In the daily feeding of the automatic feeding equipment. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the chicken feeding line motor after every batch of chickens. The motor bucket can also drip a small amount of cooking oil to avoid corrosion. Check whether the power switch and contact points of the route controlled by the material line are loose to avoid poor contact.

The above is the method of maintenance of manure removal equipment and feeding equipment in poultry breeding equipment introduced by poultry cage system manufacturers for farmers. Farmers need to maintain poultry equipment to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and for a longer period of time.