Safety method for using chicken equipment in chicken houses

Nowadays, the farmers choose battery cage for chickens to raise chickens, because it is convenient and quick, and it improves efficiency and efficiency. Most of the automatic chicken equipment is mechanized equipment, and it should be operated according to the safety regulations of the correct method, so as not to affect Equipment and personal safety issues, briefly talk about some of the key points of using fully automatic chicken equipment.


First of all, when the breeding equipment of the chicken house is in operation, it is not allowed to observe the running condition of the equipment and open the relevant inspection port for maintenance. If it is really necessary to observe the operation of the relevant components during operation, professional personnel are required to follow the procedures and have the necessary personal protective measures. Maintenance or installation of equipment for the house requires professional personnel to operate to avoid accidents.



The protective parts of the chicken poultry farming equipment are an important part of the equipment and should not be removed at will. If damage occurs, it should be repaired or replaced in time. There are two travel switches installed on the nose and tail of the chicken breeding equipment feeder. Therefore, if the track wheel of the feeder hits any one of the travel switches, it will stop running. This requires the farmers to check the travel switch regularly. Whether it is sensitive, if the problem of failure occurs, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to pull the broken car, and even lead to more serious consequences. In general, the automatic chicken equipment manufacturers will set up a shock line in the lower part of the trough when the egg cage equipment is being produced. This is to prevent the chicken from going to the quail egg, so this requires the farmers not to touch the hand. Touch to avoid being injured.

Many equipments in breeding equipment need electricity. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the operation of the power supply part. The power cord should be equipped with a special protective sheath, and the wiring part of the equipment should have a special terminal block to prevent leakage. Causing an accident. The use or maintenance of the operator must be professionally trained and operated in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures.