Requirements for ventilating the house with chicken farming equipment

Now most of the chicken houses of the farmers are closed, and they will choose to use the fan of the chicken farming equipment for mechanical ventilation. The quality of the chicken house ventilation effect directly affects the quality of the chicken house environment. So, how to do the ventilation work of the chicken farm in the breeding process? That is to follow the basic requirements of chicken house ventilation.

1. Airtightness check: Use the fan of the chicken equipment for mechanized ventilation. Check the airtightness of the chicken house. The better the house is, the better the ventilation effect of the fan equipment.

2. Chicken house negative pressure management: Farmers should manage the negative pressure of the chicken house, for example: 13 meters wide chicken house, the brood negative pressure should be 20-25Pa. As the age of the chicken increases, the negative pressure can be reduced to 10-15Pa. Negative pressure is mainly required in the cold season, not too high in summer.

3. Management of vents: When choosing a fan for chicken breeding equipment, farmers should pay attention to the number of fans, which should be reasonably matched with the area of the chicken house. Pay attention to the size and quantity of the fan to avoid excessive negative pressure, which will cause hypoxia in the house.

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4. The prescribed ventilation volume: usually according to the maximum ventilation volume in summer. Ventilation per kilogram body weight per minute: adult chicken 0.113 m3, broiler chick 0.062 m3. Generally, the minimum ventilation is 1/1O of the maximum ventilation. In order to prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases and arthritis and parasitic diseases caused by humidity, the house must be ventilated frequently. It is best to allow 1/10 to 1/3 of the fans to run continuously, and the others are automatically controlled by thermal components.

5. Install the air filter device: if possible, install the air filter device, that is, install filters on all intake air 13 to prevent dust particles in the air from flowing into the house. If a disinfectant is added to the filter to eliminate pathogens attached to the mesh, the effect is better. When using filters, care must be taken not to affect the amount of ventilation, and regular inspections must be carried out. When entering the house, personnel and equipment must be strictly disinfected.

6. The direction of the air flow should not be directly opposite to the flock: when the house temperature is low, a baffle can be set to change the direction to prevent the flock from being directly affected by the wind.

7. Air flowing into the house: keep a low speed of 0.3 to 0.35 meters per second. Care should be taken to maintain house temperature when airflow passes through the flock. At the same time, the airflow speed of the whole chicken house should be basically the same, with no dead ends or draughts.

The above seven points are some of the requirements that the author tells the farmers to use chicken farming equipment fans to ventilate the chicken house. The quality of the chicken house ventilation environment is very important. Farmers should keep these basic requirements of the chicken house ventilation in mind to create a comfortable environment for the chickens. Thank you for your attention!