Treatment of diseased and dead poultry

In the face of sick and dead poultry, a good solution is the “harmless treatment method”. Generally high temperature, deep burial and destruction.

  1. Deeply buried harmless treatment sites should be located in or near the infected farms, away from residential areas, water sources, flood discharge areas and major traffic roads, and strictly implement the technical disposal procedures for various sick and dead livestock and poultry.
  2. Contaminate feed, excrement and sundries should also be sprayed with disinfectant and buried together with the corpse. When deep burial cannot be use, incineration is used. The incineration should meet the environmental requirements.



Diseases and prevention of chickens

Now there are many chicken raising equipment on the market that can achieve enhance management: automatic battery cage  for sale. Centralized management can be achieved, and poultry farmers can also better carry out epidemic prevention work.


  1. Strengthen feeding management. In summer, it is necessary to ensure that the chicken house is ventilate and cool, and drinking water is provide in time. Change bedding frequently. Be careful to reduce the density. It is necessary to strictly implement the all-in and all-out system, and put an end to the mixing of large and small chickens.

Under high temperature and high humidity conditions, the content of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants in the feed should be appropriately increase. Feed should be fresh, free of corruption and musty smell. In order to reduce stress, promote growth and increase egg production rate, zinc or sodium bicarbonate can be add to the feed.

  1. Do a good job of sanitation and disinfection. The chicken house should be cleane frequently inside and outside. Drinking troughs and drinking fountains should be wash frequently, and feces should be remove frequently. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out regular disinfection, and often eliminate rodents, mosquitoes and flies, and cockroaches.
  2. Strengthen the prevention and control of chicken diseases. Viral infectious diseases and some bacterial infectious diseases of chickens should be prevente according to the immunization program. And the immunization program should be implemente, and the epidemic detection should be institutionalized. Once the chicken disease occurs, it should be treated in time.


The above is suitable for chicken  farm equipment manufacturers for everyone’s acne-prone poultry. The most important thing in developing poultry farming projects is to carry out epidemic prevention work. The use of automatic battery cage systems can better manage poultry. Dosing can be carrie out in the automatic drinking water system. And the chickens can carry out epidemic prevention work in the process of drinking water.