Frequently asked questions about chicken medication

When chickens in chicken poultry cage equipment are most afraid of chicken disease, chicken disease is extremely difficult to control, and a chicken can seriously infect a large group, causing great loss to chicken farmers. Moreover, chicken farmers will have many problems in the process of giving chicken medicine.

The medication is wrong; if there is a problem with the chicken, if you have experience, you will use some medicine to treat it yourself. In the early stage, the symptoms were similar. If you use the wrong medicine, it will naturally have no good effect.



Hybrid problem: It may be a problem at the beginning, but if there is no good treatment for a while, there may be other infections in the back. If you have a mixed problem and then treat it, it will be even more troublesome. And the sensitivity of each chicken to the drug is also different.

No prevention in advance: before the problem occurs, there are some signs in the chicken. This requires everyone to pay attention to it. If you do the prevention work in advance, you can save a lot of money in the later use of the drug, and If you treat it earlier, the effect will be even better. For example, after the vaccine is given, the chicken may have some Uncomfortable. Many people are completely unfair, and they do not pay attention to the observation in time. Later, it is prone to some relatively large problems, causing losses.