What should be paid attention to when using broiler cage equipment?

Each chicken has a place for food and drinking water, which is also a necessary condition for mastering the density of broiler farming cages. If the density is too high, the flocks will be crowded, which will increase the humidity of the environment, feed unevenly, the flocks will not develop well, be prone to diseases and addiction, the flocks will become weaker, the mortality rate will increase, and the growth rate will decrease. The density is small, although it is conducive to the survival and growth of the chicks, it is not conducive to heat preservation and uneconomical. The density should be adjusted according to factors such as species, breeding methods, seasons, ages, and ventilation. The density should be reduced by about 30% at 3-4 weeks of age, and by about 15% at 5-6 weeks of age.


For the quality of chickens, in addition to choosing a good broiler cage and raising it carefully, the choice of broiler chicks is also very important. The quality of the chicks can determine the quality of the grown chickens and directly affect the benefits. The critical temperature for the success or failure of the breeding house is appropriate. When the chicks are born, their thermal control ability is very weak. In order to ensure a healthy growth, farmers are advised to set the temperature of the chicken house to 35℃ three days ago, keep the house temperature 30-32℃ for one week, and keep it at 21℃ after a one-week drop of 2-3℃.

When using automated broiler cage breeding equipment for breeding, the chicken cage occupies a small area, making full use of the space advantage, saving a lot of chicken coop area for farmers, and improving chicken coop utilization. It is precisely because the broiler cage makes full use of the advantages of space, when the broiler cage is used for breeding, it can increase the number of chickens raised by farmers in the same area. In the process of using broiler chicken cages, the chicken flocks are fixed within a certain range. The daily activities of the flock will be greatly reduced, and the feed consumption will be reduced, thereby improving the conversion rate of chicken feed and accelerating the growth rate of barbecue.


Broiler cage is an important and basic equipment in broiler battery equipment. In the broiler raising process, the main function of the broiler cage is to provide a suitable environment for the chickens to help them grow healthily. The broiler cage is designed according to the growth characteristics of the broiler, so that the broiler cage can effectively avoid the occurrence of pectoral cystitis. In addition, broiler cage breeding can effectively separate broilers from their feces, thereby avoiding chicken diseases and improving the survival rate of broilers.