Easy to ignore links to raising broilers

There are many factors related to chicken breeding, house temperature and seasonal changes, so what are the most important breeding points to ignore when raising broiler chickens in automatic poultry farm equipment price in ghana?

1. Chicken breeding equipment Immunization work for chickens: Broilers are susceptible to some diseases during seasonal exchange, so immunizing broilers at this time is an effective means to prevent disease and cannot be replaced by drugs. However, the procedures for immunization are not constant, and chickens are prone to respiratory diseases during the winter and spring exchanges, especially around 10 days of age. For this situation, it is recommended that chicks perform branching at 491 days of age. Spray immunity. The day and the next day of flock immunization. Raise the temperature in the house 0.5 ° C to 1 ° C. Because immunization will cause great stress to the chickens. Increasing the temperature can enhance the chicken’s ability to resist stress and make it have better immunity.


2. Selection of chicks: The quality of chicks is related to the growth and meat yield of broilers in adulthood, but many farmers will ignore the choice of chick quality and usually choose chicks with relatively low prices instead of reliable quality Farmers who breed chickens and bad chickens may not be able to raise them well. Even if they are raised, it will take more cost and effort, so farmers must pay attention to quality issues when purchasing chickens.




3. Pre-warming work before brooding: There are a lot of preparations before brooding, such as disinfection, commissioning equipment, cleaning water lines, etc. Today, broiler cage manufacturers mainly come to introduce the pre-warming to farmers. The pre-warming work is often ignored by farmers. If the house is not pre-warmed or the pre-heating is not complete, the chicks will enter the house. Although the air temperature has reached the requirements. However, the temperature of the ground and grid of the hen house is still very low. The cool air on the ground will cause the chicks to get cold easily. Cause disease. Therefore, it is recommended that the farm start pre-heating 8 hours before hatching and keep the temperature in the house 25 at all times. C or more. Two hours before the chicks arrive, increase the temperature by 32 ° C and maintain the humidity at 55% to 60%. Never lose more because you want to save coal money.


4. Control of ventilation, heat preservation and moisture retention: If one of these three factors is not well controlled, it will affect the healthy growth of brooding, especially in winter and summer. In winter, farmers often do not ventilate for thermal insulation, and in summer, it is hot because of the weather The temperature in the chicken house is also ignored. We should make corresponding preparations in each season. The ventilation, heat preservation, and moisture retention work must strictly follow the scientific breeding methods. Therefore, it is recommended that farmers listen to the weather forecast every day. Make timely and effective responses to the emergence of extreme weather, and reduce the stress of chickens caused by sudden weather changes.

The above are things that are easily overlooked in the process of raising chickens and broilers. I hope that farmers can be vigilant and pay attention to various aspects of breeding management in the process of breeding broilers to create a comfortable growth environment for chicken in chicken battery cages .