How to make money by raising chickens?

The first is the selection of chicken fry. If it is a company raising it, you don’t have to choose it yourself. But if you raise your own chickens, then the selection of chicken fry is very important, which is related to whether your chickens make money. Chicken fry are living creatures, so don’t be greedy for cheap, buy whichever is cheap. Low prices must be due to low prices, such as blindness, paralysis, disabled chicks, deformed chicks, and too small and weak chicks, so when choosing chicks, they must be selected strictly according to regulations.

Layer breeding equipment

There is also the problem of feeding. Feeding is the same as above. If the enterprise raises it on behalf of the company, all concentrated feed is provided by the enterprise, and it is not allowed to purchase from outside. For your own chicken farms, under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you buy premixes, and then develop your own equipment, which can reduce your own costs. Proper feeding determines whether your chickens can grow up healthily.

Layer breeding equipment

The last point is marketing. For the breeding industry, market sales are a problem, and no one purchases becomes a big problem. If it is a company’s substitute breeding, such a problem may not exist. For self-supporting farmers, I think the current sales market for broiler chickens is still relatively large. During the sales process, we must take the initiative to take the initiative and cannot wait for the market trend to improve, otherwise the gains will outweigh the gains. This article comes from fully automatic chicken breeding equipment, layer breeding equipment, broiler breeding equipment, and chicken breeding equipment.



Fully automatic chicken raising equipment is to save labor and use the development of technology to drive the chicken industry. Fully automatic chicken raising equipment includes automatic feeding machine, automatic manure cleaning machine, automatic layer picking, automatic temperature control system, etc. As labor becomes more and more expensive, many farmers are increasingly More farmers start to use fully automatic chicken raising equipment.
Features of automatic chicken breeding equipment:
1. Layered breeding, the number of layers is optional, up to 10 layers, the breeding density per unit space is high, the breeding output is large, and the benefit can be reasonably doubled.
2. Automatic feeding and drinking, saving manpower, improving labor productivity, and increasing egg-to-feed ratio.
3. Automatic egg collection, reducing labor costs and high stability.
4. Conveyor automatic cleaning of manure, dry and hygienic, saving labor, manure can be cleaned multiple times a day, greatly reducing respiratory diseases of chickens.
5. Concentrated feeding reduces the amount of mobile contact of staff in the chicken house, which is beneficial to the prevention and control of chicken diseases.