Effective methods for temperature control of chicken raising equipment during broiler breeding

Whether the temperature control in the broiler chicken farm is appropriate can be judged according to the comfort level of the chickens in the chicken poultry farm equipment in nigeria. It is also necessary to frequently observe and evaluate the broiler cage automation equipment, and experience the smell and environment in the broiler cage automation equipment Is it appropriate?


Broiler cages have many advantages, which can increase the number of chickens raised by farmers and facilitate the breeding and management of farmers. However, it is not the use of broiler cages to increase profits for farmers. It is necessary to cooperate with scientific and reasonable breeding management techniques. Only then can it exert a good effect and improve efficiency.




In order to ensure that the ambient temperature in the chicken house is appropriate, the broiler cage manufacturer puts forward the following effective suggestions:

1. Ensure that the temperature of the chicken house is controllable and keep the temperature difference between the front and back of the broiler cage less than 3℃. At the same time, the negative pressure value of the broiler cage automation equipment is controlled within the normal range. The farmers must pay attention to the adjustment of the temperature of the chicken house. The ability of broiler chickens to regulate body temperature is relatively weak at birth, so farmers must pay attention to the temperature of the chicken house, automatically realize day and night temperature control operations, achieve a relatively stable temperature, reduce heat stress, prevent the occurrence of epidemics, and give full play to the breeding chickens. Production potential.


2. Try to cool down the chickens at night, so that the breeders can accumulate excessive heat during the day, which can be lost at night and improve the production performance during the day. The temperature controller can be set to ensure the continuous operation of the fan. Enhance the sense of responsibility of night duty personnel and keep temperature records in the house. (Pay attention to the large difference in temperature between day and night in early summer and early autumn. When cooling down at night, pay attention to the size of the air inlet at the water curtain. If necessary, turn on the mixed ventilation mode and the minimum ventilation mode.)


3. Customers can formulate their own ventilation and cooling plan according to their own conditions. The broiler cage automation equipment maintains a normally open fan in summer, and appropriately increases the number of fans according to the temperature. If the fans are turned on 3, when the chickens are found to be panting, there is no For wet curtains, you can consider sprinkling water on the ground or on the walls. If there are wet curtains, open the wet curtains. Be careful not to drop the temperature too sharply. In addition, when immunizing, farmers need to formulate immunization procedures according to their own chicken coops and follow The correct method for various inoculations.