The light environment for raising chickens-light cycle

The photoperiod refers to the provision of lighting in the chicken house for a certain period of time to allow the chickens to eat, drink and move. This period is the bright period; then turn off the lights or completely darken the house to darken the house and allow the chickens to enter a resting state. A period of time is a dark period. The bright and dark periods appear alternately, forming different light cycles,Light is still very important for chicken battery cage system in ghana.

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1. Natural light cycle and unnatural light cycle. If a 24h light cycle is implemented in the chicken house, which is the same as a day and night, it is called a natural light cycle; if the chicken house implements a light cycle longer or shorter than 24h, then Known as the unnatural light cycle, this light cycle can only be carried out under fully artificial lighting conditions.

2. Continuous illumination and intermittent illumination. If there is only one bright period and one dark period in a light cycle, it is called continuous light cycle, such as 16L:8D or 8L:16D, this kind of light cycle is called continuous light for short; if in one light cycle There are two or more light and dark periods, which is called intermittent light cycle.

3. Light time The light time of the chicken is calculated in hours or minutes. The sum of the light in the bright period in a light cycle is the light time. In the actual calculation of the chicken flock’s light time, since the natural light cycle is often used, it can be expressed by the sum of the natural light and artificial light given to the chickens continuously or intermittently throughout the day and night. Due to the continuous change of sunshine hours in a year,

When formulating the lighting system, the chicken farm should make it according to the actual situation. In addition, the light time is affected by the morning light and the afterglow at dusk. In order to make the light management more accurate, the actual light time should be based on the sunshine time plus 30min for chicken in automatic poultry farming equipment.