Method of raising chickens with poultry farming equipment

The number of chickens per square chicken battery cages is called stocking density. The position of feeding and drinking water occupied by each chicken is also an indispensable condition for mastering the stocking density. Let’s take a look at how poultry farming equipment raises chickens.

The chicken cage system is used to raise chickens at a reasonable density, and the chickens live comfortably. Chicken survival rates have risen. Conducive to the survival, growth and development of chicks.



1-4 week old laying hens occupy a 2-2.5 cm slot per chicken. Increase to 5.0 cm at 5-6 weeks of age. If using buckets, 35 1-4 weeks old and 25 5-6 weeks old per bucket. The first week-old chicks generally use vacuum drinking water, each of which can be used for 50-70 chickens.

Broilers are suitable for high density feeds, but they also depend on specific conditions. Generally, the density of the bedding is higher than that of the bedding, and the ventilation condition is good, and the density can be appropriately increased. Stocking density can be increased by 10 percent in winter and decreased by 10 and 20 percent in summer. Due to the fast growth rate of broilers, the stocking density of poultry farming equipment is calculated based on the number of chickens per square meter. A reasonable stocking density can provide the chicks with the same opportunities to drink and eat, which helps to improve the uniformity. At the same time, pay attention to the ventilation of the house air to prevent the chicks from pecking at each other and feathers.