What behavior can cause a chicken to catch a cold? -Information for poultry farmers

Many farmers will have questions. The chicken house is well ventilate and the temperature and humidity are stable. Why do chickens catch colds? The truth is, colds can happen in many ways, not just temperature and ventilation. Today, the battery cage suppliers will summarize 5 points for analysis.



  1. Wet chicken feathers are one of the causes of chicken colds. When brooding, the water line is too low, the water pressure is too high, the chicks burrow into the water cup, the nipple leaks, and the chicken feathers are wet. Or the damage to the drinking water equipment was not detected in time, resulting in the chicken getting wet, etc.


  1. The houseis not tightly sealed. Side wind windows, wet curtains, fans and other air outlets have not been paid attention to, causing cool wind to blow into the chicken house, and the chicken house will get sick due to a decrease in the temperature of the chicken coop.


  1. Improper way of cooling and dehumidifying the chicken house. The water use for humidification is low temperature. When the mist falls on the chicken, if there is a lot of water on the ground during the humidification process, the cold air generated by the evaporation of the water vapor will also make the chicken’s abdomen cold.


  1. Chickens live in battery chicken cages. Everything about them requires the judgment of the poultry farmer. First of all, poultry farming friends need to learn more knowledge to understand the reaction of chickens. This allows for timely adjustments. Better development of poultry farming projects.


  1. Don’t pay attention to the chicken’s reaction, cool down rashly, causing the chicken to catch a cold. The suitable temperature for chickens is not only related to the temperature of the chicken house, but also to the humidity, wind speed, light and feeding conditions in the chicken house. Therefore, poultry farmers need to pay attention to observe the reaction of chickens to adjust the temperature of the chicken house.