Why are antibiotics in the process of raising chickens?

With the popularity of fully automatic chicken farming equipment, laying hens have become easier and easier. The benefits brought by laying hens are getting better and better, and we have antibiotics in the process of breeding. The same is true for raising chickens. Speaking of this, some people have doubts, why do chickens have to use antibiotics today? Can you achieve this without anti-nursing? Let’s understand the reasons why it is difficult to achieve anti-nursing.

Reasons that it is difficult to achieve without antibiotics

1. The environment is not good

Nowadays, all winter is a variety of smog, and there are sandstorms in spring. Food safety problems are frequent, and various water pollution problems are often seen. The environment in which people live is still the same. How can we ensure that the living environment of chickens is good? The water that chickens drink, the air that chickens breathe, the feed that chickens eat, which one is to guarantee 100% sterility and health? If it is guaranteed No, chickens have hidden dangers of infecting bacteria. Antibiotics are the best way to prevent and treat them.

2. Closed environment

Nowadays, large-scale chickens are living in a relatively closed space. The air quality is generally not too bad, at least not for the chickens. In addition, it is not the chickens that must be 100% isolated bacteria to ensure health, as long as the probability of exposure to bacteria is low enough, the chicken itself has some resistance. It is a pity that today’s large-scale chicken-raising mode feeds more, grows faster, and has a higher density. The immunity of the flock itself is actually low. And once there is chicken disease, the speed of transmission is very fast. Without antibiotics, in today’s large-scale chicken farming model, flock mortality may be high enough for chicken farmers to afford.

3. Chicken disease prevention and control situation

In recent years, with the advancement of chicken raising technology and feeding management level, has chicken disease been well controlled? No! Not only is there no more, chicken disease is more and more, mixed infection is more and more common, treatment It is getting harder and harder! Under such a severe situation, the status of antibiotics can only become more and more important, and it is increasingly difficult to give up.

4. Antibiotic status is irreplaceable

The above three points all indicate that the chicken industry is inseparable from antibiotics. In fact, not only chickens, but all farming industries, including humans themselves, are saying to reduce the use of antibiotics, but the reality is that the more antibiotics are used.