The cause of diarrhea in laying hens

If the chicken in the poultry cages for sale often have diarrhea, it will definitely affect the growth and development and the egg production rate in the later stage. It will also increase the workload for the farmers. What are the reasons for the diarrhea of the hens?

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The cause of diarrhea caused by feed is because the ratio of feed is unreasonable, too much protein and calcium are difficult to absorb, leading to diarrhea in laying hens. In this case, the ratio of protein and calcium in the feed should be reduced, the vitamin content should be increased, and the resistance should be enhanced. Sick ability. Second, due to the untimely ventilation in the chicken house, the feed is mildewed. The chicken eats these feeds and causes diarrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate the gas in time and check the condition of the chicken feed on time to prevent the diarrhea from occurring in the chicken.

Sometimes in order to increase the appetite of the chicken, salt is often added to the feed to prevent the chicken from rubbing, but this will stimulate the stomach of the chicken and cause diarrhea. Or it is eager to seek, to increase the proportion of soybean meal in the feed, the soybean meal content is too high, the body absorption is not complete, thereby stimulating the intestinal tract, speeding up metabolism, causing chicken diarrhea.