How to Choose Cost-Effective Chicken Farm Equipment?

Egg-laying cage is the necessary chicken-raising equipment for large-scale chicken farms. It can be used in laying hens and cages for laying hens and laying hens. This can not only improve the breeding and management of laying hens. The efficiency will also greatly increase the aquaculture efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically select a cost-effective hen-chicken breeding facility.

Why Should You buy a High Cost effective layer cage?

Egg-laying cage equipment and cage-improved chicken equipment have direct bearing on the efficiency of the farmer Many broiler households have an imbalance between brooding, bred and laying house, and are not in compliance with the requirements. The rearing area is often too small, the stocking density is too large, and the feed and drinking trough are not enough. It can be said that this is a common problem common to chicken farmers and one of the important factors affecting the economic efficiency of laying hens. Some chicken farmers use more chickens, use fewer rooms or have no extra room to feed chickens, and prematurely raising the chicks on cages will adversely affect the growth and development of the young chicks and ultimately affect the laying performance of the hens. Egg-laying chickens are harvested after the hens are opened.

Modern chicken layer cages should have the features of automation and save much of manpower.
Chicken equipment quality is not matched and there are specifications and proportion requirements for the equipment for raising chickens, broilers and laying hens. The equipment should be matched to facilitate the normal growth and development of the chickens and a reasonable turnover. The utilization rate and the operating rate of the equipment should be brought into full play so that the depreciation expense allocated to each hen or per kilogram of eggs can be more reasonable, and thus can be reduced. Cost of production.

How to Choose it?

Nowadays, laying hens are mostly kept in cages. Chicken cages are indispensable equipment and chicken farmers generally pay more attention to them. However, there is a lack of discriminating ability on the quality of the cage, and it tends to be cheap when purchased. A cage is a place for hens to live, produce, and sleep, and their quality cannot be ignored. The quality of the cage, the width and slope of the cage are particularly important. We witnessed the difference in the quality of chicken cages from two manufacturers in the same chicken farm, leading to significant gaps in the number of eggs produced, the number of deaths and the rate of broken eggs. Another common problem that is worth noting is that you don’t pack chickens in cages. When the survival rate of brooding is high, the number of surviving hens exceeds the number of budgetary group transfers, or it is unwilling to eliminate hens that are underweight when the group is transferred.

The professional chicken farm equipment for poulty farming should have standard chicken supplies and cage farming system.

This situation is often overcharged. According to statistics, 22.5% of the hens died before 305 days of age when the number of cages increased to five. According to the statistics of the production report accumulated by the author for many years, the chickens whose cage density exceeds the specified standard have an 5% to 15% lower egg production rate than normal chickens.
Scientific selection of cost-effective layer cages can save the investment cost of laying chicken equipment for laying hen farmers, and it will also promote the healthy development of laying hen farmers and increase the production efficiency of layer farms. Therefore, farmers must combine the methods in the text. Choose a practical and cost-effective egg cage cage chicken equipment.