Breeding in winter, four key points of analysis

Temperature control, temperature is the key to raising chicks, if the chicken house temperature can not meet the needs of the chicks, the duration of the relatively long, it will prove that this batch of chicks failed.A series of problems will arise.(such as respiratory diseases, digestive diseases and intestinal cold problems).

1. In winter, there is a big difference between the external temperature and the indoor temperature. In addition, the general volume of chicken coop is large and the heating speed is slow.This is the maximum tolerance.Generally, the performance of the boiler inlet pipe is maintained between 80 and 85 degrees water temperature, and the return pipe is maintained between 75 and 80 degrees return temperature, the problem is easy to appear, when the boiler water is insufficient, easy to lead to circulation obstacles, at this time the heat dissipation chip will appear scattered cool air, and the number will increase, sometimes good, sometimes bad.When you open the valve to drain the water, there is water inside, the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe are of the same temperature.It’s too little water.The temperature won’t go up.The solution, timely supplement of water boiler.Enough cycles.Make sure you have heat everywhere.


Chicken house ventilation and heating system


2. Change the direction of the wind, because the hot air is above, the temperature difference between the upper and lower is large, the temperature is uniform, ventilation is the most effective way to solve the temperature difference.At the same time, change the direction of the heat sink so that the heat sink blows down.To achieve the purpose of rapid warming.

3. Influence of temperature on formaldehyde volatilization.In winter, the temperature of the chicken coop is relatively low, and the most difficult is the formaldehyde emission in the chicken coop, which must be accelerated by increasing the temperature.Generally in the temperature of 36 degrees above, the speed of formaldehyde volatilization is accelerated.Be sure to keep the humidity at the same time.Turn on the fan to exhaust air.If the formaldehyde gas lasts for a long time, choose ammonia water for neutralization.To achieve the purpose of rapid solution of volatilization.

4. Humidity in the previous week is the most critical, must increase the humidity of the chicken coop, let the chicken battery cages humidity always maintain at 65 degrees or so.To avoid insufficient humidity to affect the growth of chickens and the emergence of some respiratory diseases.