Introduction to several methods and features of ventilation in chicken houses

The ventilation of the chicken house is a constant topic. After all, the chicken is kept in the chicken battery cages . Without too much freedom, we need the ventilation equipment of the chicken house or the chicken house to help the chickens ventilate. The ventilation is the construction and daily management of the chicken house. Need to focus on the work well, otherwise it is easy to cause chicken respiratory disease due to the ammonia gas produced by chicken manure. At present, the chicken farm mainly uses three ventilation methods, natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, longitudinal positive pressure ventilation, then these three ventilation methods What are the characteristics of each? Here is an introduction for everyone.



Introduction to several methods and features of ventilation in chicken houses:

1. Natural ventilation: Open-type chicken houses are generally naturally ventilated, and air is circulated through floor windows, skylights or ventilation belts and windows. In the hot season, it is not ideal to rely on natural ventilation to cool down.

2, mechanical ventilation: divided into positive pressure ventilation, negative pressure ventilation. At present, most of the vertical negative pressure ventilation is adopted. The fans are all installed on the walls near the gables or gables on one end of the chicken house. The air inlets are on the other side of the gables or on the walls on both sides of the gable. There are no doors, windows or doors and windows in other parts of the house. Closed, the air flows along the longitudinal axis of the house.

3. Longitudinal positive pressure ventilation: The fan forces the air into the house, and the air outlet is adjusted accordingly, so that the air volume is slightly smaller than the air volume and a slight positive pressure is generated in the house. Air is usually distributed in the house by longitudinally placing a pipe equal to the length of the house. Fully overlapping multi-layer chickens usually use positive pressure ventilation.

Although natural ventilation is undoubtedly the most economical way to ventilate, and many poultry feed equipment price in nigeria is required in the chicken house, it is often difficult for large-scale high-density farming, so it is necessary to decide according to the actual situation of the breeding scale. Ventilation method.