Maintenance of cooling curtains for poultry farming equipment

The cooling curtain has a very significant effect on the cooling of the air in the environment, so it is now widely used in various chicken farms, which has effectively helped the chicken farm to cool down. During the process of using the cooling curtain, the farmers should pay attention to regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can promptly find the fault and solve the problem, and can also extend the use time of the equipment. The author refers to the experience of the poultry equipment manufacturer to talk about the maintenance of the water curtain.

1. Pay attention to the overall airtightness of the house, especially the design and installation of the wet curtain and the wet curtain box, the wet curtain box and the wall, the fan and the wall, which cause the outdoor hot air to penetrate and affect the cooling effect of the system.

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2. Always check the water supply system to ensure its normal and safe operation. Especially for the safety of water quality, the water supply system uses a clean water source. Water sources with high algae and microbial content cannot be used. The acidity and alkalinity of water should be moderate and the conductivity should be small. Next, check the various components of the system. The filter should be cleaned frequently. The pool should be covered and cleaned regularly. The design of the pool must separate the circulating water from the return. It can only be recycled after being filtered.

3. Observe the water flow and distribution of the wet curtain. The water flow must be small and slowly flow down the wet curtain undulations, the entire wet curtain must be evenly wetted, with no dry or partially concentrated water flow. The initial operation of the system, such as the phenomenon of water jets in the area of the wet curtain, is mostly caused by burrs on the surface of the wet curtain paper, which can be solved by gently lifting the palms back and forth. If water flow injection, dry belt or concentrated water flow is found during operation, most of them are caused by unreasonable water supply system design or improper water supply pressure. The water supply system should be redesigned or the pressure of the water supply system should be adjusted.

4. Daily use should stop the water supply first, keep the fan running until the wet curtain is completely dry. After the whole system stops running, the water in the return water tank at the bottom of the wet curtain box should also be checked to avoid the long-term immersion in the water at the bottom of the wet curtain, causing paper mold and reducing the service life. The system is designed and installed correctly, and there should be no water at the bottom.

5. If the surface of the wet curtain is formed with scale or algae, it should be brushed up and down along the corrugation with a soft brush after thoroughly drying. The water supply system can then be used to properly raise the pressure for flushing. Every year in the summer, the debris in the gap of the wet curtain should also be checked and removed with a soft brush. If it is found that the gap of the wet curtain should be tight, the gap should be supplemented when the gap is too large. If it is stopped in winter, it should be sealed with a film in the card slot around the wet curtain after ensuring that the wet curtain is dry.

The above is the maintenance and maintenance of the cooling curtain. I hope to help the farmers and pay more attention to the articles on poultry farming equipment and technology.