Details the four-layer chicken cage type and the advantages of raising chicken

Just as people are buying a house, because there are different requirements and ideal areas, the house will have many specifications, and the farmers will choose the same when they choose chicken cages to raise chickens. Because the house size is different, and there are different numbers of chickens, there are many specifications for the chicken cage. The most common in the market is the four-layer chicken cage. The authors here will tell you about the types of four-layer chicken cages and the advantages of using chicken cages to raise chickens.

Nowadays, the cultured chickens are divided into two types: laying hens and broilers. Therefore, the classification of natural four-layer chicken cages is divided into two types: layer chicken cages and broiler chicken cages.

Four-layer laying hen cage: In the past, layer cages were only a step type, but in recent years there has been a new type of layer chicken cage, namely battery layer chicken cages.

Four-layer broiler cage: The four-layer broiler cage is also divided into two types: cascading and stepped, but the average farmer will choose to use battery broiler cages for breeding.

Farmers are well known to have adopted the method of raising chickens in the past, and chickens in chicken cages have only become popular in recent years. Although the popular time is relatively short, its development is very rapid. The reason why it can develop very quickly is inseparable from the advantages of chicken cages and chickens. Here are the advantages of the chicken cage chickens summarized by the author:

1. Now people’s living standards are constantly improving, so the demand for egg broiler chickens is relatively large. Farmers want to expand the number of breeding to increase economic benefits, but the land occupation is difficult to stop with many farmers, and the emergence of chicken cages will be solved. In this difficult problem, chicken cage chickens are multi-layered, making full use of the space of the chicken house, making the number of breeding more than three or four times.

2. Multi-layer chicken cages raise chickens, and chickens do not directly touch the feces, which can effectively reduce some diseases caused by feces and greatly increase the health of the chickens.

In summary, the type of four-layer chicken cage and the advantages of using chicken cages to raise chickens, I hope that the above description can help farmers.