What should you watch out for when using automated poultry farming equipment?

In today’s large and medium-sized farms, automated poultry farm equipment has become an essential infrastructure for large-scale farms. Farmers use automated chicken equipment for breeding work, which not only makes the feeding management of chicken farms more efficient and convenient, but also reduces the cost of breeding for farmers. Although the advantages of automated farming equipment are numerous, it is also necessary to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the case of safe operation. The following authors will introduce farmers to the precautions for using automated poultry farming equipment.

1. Strict personal observation: What kind of automatic chicken raising equipment is constantly used, and the farmers and staff are strictly prohibited from observing the running condition of the equipment and opening the relevant inspection port during the operation. If it is really necessary to observe the operation of the relevant components during operation, professional personnel are required to follow the procedures and have the necessary personal protective measures.

2. Make sure to disconnect the main power switch: During inspection, repair and maintenance, the staff must ensure that the main power switch is disconnected and the main power switch is blocked, otherwise serious injury may occur.

Modern chicken layer cages should have the features of automation and save much of manpower.

3. When the farmer purchases the automatic chicken equipment, the general manufacturer will install the installation team for the farmers. If you do not bring the farmer, do not install it yourself. You need to ask the professional to operate: the electrical equipment related to the equipment. Installation, maintenance or maintenance needs to be carried out by professional electric operators in accordance with the regulations, otherwise it may cause serious injury accidents.

4. Do not replace parts at will: The protective parts of the equipment are an important part of the equipment, and cannot be removed at will. If damage occurs, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

5. Regular inspection: When using the automatic feeder, the farmer should pay attention to the installation of two stroke switches on the nose and tail of the feeder. Therefore, if the track wheel of the skip hits any of the travel switches, it will stop running. Regularly check whether the travel switch is sensitive. If it fails, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, it will easily pull the material truck and even lead to more serious consequences.

6. Farmers should pay attention to the fact that many manufacturers produce egg cage equipment, the lower part of the trough is the egg rolling place, so many manufacturers will set a shock line, this is to prevent the egg from breaking the eggs and causing the egg to be damaged. The rate is high, so farmers should pay attention not to touch them with their hands to avoid being injured.

7. Prevent leakage: Automated chicken equipment needs to be controlled by electricity, so farmers should pay attention to installing special retaining sleeves on the power cord during installation, and special wiring in the wiring part of the equipment. The terminal block can prevent accidents caused by electric leakage.

8. If the farmer asks the staff to operate the equipment, it is recommended that the farmer need to carry out professional skills training: the use or maintenance of the operator must be professionally trained and operated in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures to avoid operational errors. Personal safety issues and equipment security issues arise.

9. Read the safety warning carefully: When the factory leaves the factory, it will have relevant safety operation warnings on the equipment. Therefore, the farmers should pay attention to and carefully read these tips when using or maintaining various types of automation equipment.

The above is the taboo that the author introduces to the farmers, using the safe operation of automated poultry farming equipment, farmers must be familiar with, in order to safely and correctly use the chicken farm equipment in the chicken farm. Although automated poultry farming equipment is divided into layers rearing equipment and broiler feeding equipment, the equipment is maintained in the same way, which is the key to maintaining and maintaining automated chicken equipment.