How to build a chicken house using a chicken cage?

With the development of the modern chicken farm industry, a number of mechanized and semi-mechanized chicken farms have been built in various parts of Ghana. The scale of professional households in urban and rural chicken farming has also gradually developed from small to large. If you want to raise chicken, you must first have a chicken house.

The chicken house was built to avoid environmental changes and affect the development of the chicken. Creating a good living environment for chickens will enable them to maintain good physical fitness throughout the year and achieve the level of egg production they deserve. There are two ways to prepare the chicken coop: 1) Use the existing free houses as the house, 2) Buy the land and build a new house. Whether you are using an old house or building a new house, you must have the following conditions:

1. Conducive to space utilization: especially in the new chicken house, before starting construction, the size of the chicken house should be calculated according to the size of the chicken battery cage and chicken frame used, so as to use the chicken house space more reasonably.

2. Conducive to ventilation and ventilation: Due to the high density of chickens when using chicken cage equipment, it is necessary to promptly discharge the dirty and harmful gas in the house to ensure the healthy life and normal production of the chickens.

3. Conducive to control lighting: the individual growth and development stages of the chicken, the illumination time and the light intensity are different. Especially for laying hens, light is more important because the formation of eggs is closely related to light. Therefore, the use of poultry farming equipment is necessary to automatically control the lighting time and light intensity in the house.

4. Use of automated poultry farming equipment: Automated poultry farming equipment can be used to automatically control fans, water curtains, lighting and beverage supply lines, enabling remote real-time monitoring and management via mobile phones.

In short, the construction of chicken houses should be designed according to actual needs. It should not only meet the physiological characteristics of chickens, but also enable chickens to grow rapidly and improve productivity. It can also meet the principles of durability, easy management, easy cleaning and disinfection, and improved work efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the design of the chicken house reasonably according to local conditions and reduce the construction cost of the chicken house. In the conditional areas, advanced chicken sheds suitable for mechanized production should be used as much as possible to promote the smooth development of the chicken industry.