What are the characteristics of fully automatic chicken farming equipment?

Fully automated chicken raising equipment is an auxiliary chicken raising equipment that has emerged in the chicken industry in recent years. There are many types of automated chicken raising equipment, but different equipment can help farmers complete different chicken raising tasks, which is very convenient and fast. So it has been loved by many farmers, so what are the characteristics of fully automatic chicken breeding equipment?

1. Fully automatic chicken raising equipment cascade breeding, the number of layers can be selected, up to 10 layers, the breeding density per unit space is very high, the breeding output is large, and the efficiency can be reasonably doubled.

2. Automatic feeding and drinking, saving manpower, improving labor productivity, and increasing egg-to-feed ratio.

3. Fully automatic chicken raising equipment can automatically collect eggs and reduce labor costs.

4. Conveyor type automatic cleaning manure, saving labor, can clean manure many times a day, greatly reducing respiratory diseases of chickens.

5. Concentrated feeding reduces the amount of staff contact in the chicken house, which is beneficial to the prevention and control of chicken diseases. The size of the chicken coop can be designed and planned according to the size of the chicken coop.

Now we already know the characteristics of fully automated cage system in poultry, which are the key to building a fully automated chicken farm and can effectively save human and material resources.