Advantages of using an automatic feeding system

Nowadays, many farmers will choose to use some automated poultry farming equipment to help farmers complete the chicken raising work in order to save labor and improve work efficiency. The automatic chicken feeding machine is a device selected by many farmers. The feeding machine can realize the automatic feeding of the chickens, and no need for the farmers to feed them. And even feeding, it will also help the uniformity of the flock.

1. The automatic chicken feeding machine directly pushes the material, is safe, convenient, energy-saving, no noise, and the reaction of the chicken is small.

2. Automatic chicken feeding machine can realize 10,000 chickens for 40 minutes to complete one feeding.

3. A chicken farm with 60,000 chickens can be used with a automatic chicken feeding machine.

4. The automatic chicken feeding machine is 85% more energy efficient than the chain feeder, but the price is one tenth of his.

5. 95% more energy than the overhead feeder, but the price is one-eighth of it.

6. An automatic chicken feeding machine can replace the work of more than a dozen people, which can reduce labor, improve farming level and breeding efficiency.

7. The feeding machine can automatically turn, advance, and retreat to walk freely, and can walk freely in the chicken house.

8. The height of the powder auger can be adjusted and can be freely retracted on both sides until the base material is placed in the trough.

9. With feeding setting, it is convenient for the farmers to set the amount of feed and add appropriate amount.

10. Automatic chicken equipment feeding machine is suitable for the operation of transporting vehicles, storing eggs, laying eggs, and self-control management.

11. The feed is less wasteful, the feeding is uniform, and the feeding amount can be adjusted according to the running speed of the feeding car.

The automatic poultry farming equipment feeding machine is a representative high-quality equipment in chicken farming equipment, and is favored by the majority of chicken-professional households in use. The operation is very simple, and the technical support is also very mature. It is a good helper to help the farmers save labor and improve the efficiency of raising chickens.