Controlling the temperature of chicken house

The temperature in each season will vary greatly. In order to allow the broiler to have a suitable growth environment in poultry cages for sale , it is necessary to regulate the temperature in the house for different seasons.


The spring temperature is relatively low, the temperature difference is relatively large, and it is often blown. Pay attention to the ventilation in the chicken house. When the air is ventilated in spring, the air volume should not be too fast, and the air vent should not be too large. The environment inside the house should be adjusted according to the external temperature.


Summer temperatures are relatively high and there is more rain. Mainly to cool down. Although the outside temperature is relatively high in the early summer, the wind speed is still relatively cool. At this time, it should be noted that the chicken cannot be blown directly. As the temperature rises, some cooling equipment can be used to cool the house.

backyard chicken's rearing method


The temperature difference in autumn is as large as spring, and it is also watery and windy. The high temperature and high humidity in the early autumn season, at this time should be based on cooling. In the late autumn, it is a process based on heat preservation.


The winter weather is getting colder and it is drier and windy. The most important measure at this time is to keep the house warm. Avoid wind intrusion into the house and seal the house. There is also the need to increase the humidity in the chicken house.

The corresponding measures should be taken by the farmers in different seasons for the temperature in the house. In order to make the flocks have a good living environment, it is necessary to control the proper temperature of the house, and to make the sanitation work in the house .