Comparison of two different types of laying hen cages

Farmers in the use of laying hens breeding caged way, the main use of laying hens cage is stepwise laying hens cage and cascading laying hens, after many years of experience summary and the certificate of practice found that the two cages in the process of breeding can provide certain breeding advantage for farmers, but also exist some differences between them, the following is the main to give farmers compare the two different types of laying hens cage.

1. Most farmers adopt the method of artificial breeding when using the stepped egg cage, and adopt the automated farming method when using the layer chicken cages.

2. The stepped egg cage has better ductility, and its ventilation performance and uniformity of illumination are better than that of the layered layer.

3. A stepped layer cage is compared to a layer chicken battery cages, the floor area of a stepped layer chicken cage is larger than that of a battery layer chicken cage.

4. The battery layer hens make full use of the advantages of space and increase the number of chickens raised per unit area. Therefore, the number of chickens raised in the battery layer hens cages is larger than that raised in the stepped layer hens cages.

5. When using stepped layer cage for breeding, farmers can no longer need to prepare manure cleaning machine and feeding equipment, while the use of battery layer cage requires the preparation of comprehensive equipment, so that the use of stacked layer cage for breeding is more costly than the early stage of stepped layer cage breeding.

The above is to give farmers analysis and comparison of two different types of layer chicken cage, hope that through today’s analysis and comparison can make farmers have a comprehensive understanding of these two kinds of cage, so as to facilitate the selection of their own breeding needs of cage.