Five management points for successful breeding in spring

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is a popular chicken raising method in the chicken industry. The chicken cages are raised in a multi-layer cage. The breeding density is large and the number is large. It is very popular among farmers, using chicken cages to raise chickens, and which are Need to pay attention to the chickens to pay attention to the matter, only pay attention to all aspects of feeding points, scientific and reasonable breeding can be able to raise the higher yield of the chickens, the following authors to tell the majority of farmers to use the chicken cage system in spring Chicken’s precautions.

1. Spring ventilation management

The temperature difference between day and night in spring is large. The ventilation and use of the fan is controlled by the wind turbine. The time control ensures that the air quality of the house is suitable. The temperature control manages the temperature of the house and avoids excessive temperature. That is to say, the ventilation in the spring should be stable, adapt to the weather changes, and convert the minimum ventilation and transition ventilation in time.

2. Spring temperature management

In the spring, the daytime temperature is high, the nighttime temperature is low, and the good house temperature management requirements: reasonable estimation of the chicken group temperature, according to which the time control ventilation time and temperature control open temperature difference. Grasp a principle: avoid excessive ventilation during the day, cold stress in the flock, high temperature at night, and heat stress in the flock. Closely observe the flock and properly regulate ventilation and temperature settings.

Chicken house ventilation and heating system
3. Spring heating boiler management

In the winter, the heating boiler is always on and almost full heating is required. In the summer, heating boilers are used sparingly and may be shut down in a week. Spring, and different, is the most frequent time to manage heating equipment. The main points of spring heating equipment management are: When the house is overheated during the day, before the temperature control fan starts, stop the fire in time to avoid the boiler heating, and the contradiction between the temperature control fan is still starting. In the afternoon and at night, when the temperature of the house is around the target temperature, it is necessary to heat the furnace in time to avoid cold stress on the flock.

4. Spring humidity management

The weather in the spring is dry, the outside humidity is low, and the humidity in the house is difficult to meet the requirements when the ventilation is increased during the day. This requires us to humidify and keep the ground moist, but there is no water, no water is evaporated, and the humidity is the humidity.

5. Spring extreme weather windy days management

In the spring, the external climate is warm and cold, and the wind is changing rapidly. In spring, we must pay attention to the wind, pay attention to the tight insulation of the house. Pay attention to the weather forecast in advance, plan ahead, and do a good job in windy days and chicken house management plans.