How to deal with high temperature dead chicken

Summer heat and heat, from time to time high temperature causes the chicken to die. After all, the chicken does not have sweat glands, so the body temperature can only be breathed through the mouth. When the outside temperature is too high, the chicken will have symptoms of heatstroke, and to solve this problem Increase ventilation. At present, large-scale farming requires ventilation in the chicken house and cooling of the wet curtain to ensure that the temperature of the house is not higher than 35 °C in summer. Especially after the power outage in summer, all the doors and windows of the chicken house should be opened to allow the air to convect. This kind of thing causes the economic loss of the farmers to be serious and should be avoided in time.

While the farmer is equipped with an emergency generator, it is more important to take a variety of precautions to reduce the damage caused by the sudden rise in temperature in the house.

First, reduce the density of flocks

The normal body temperature of chicken is about 41 degrees. In summer, the density of chickens is too large. The heat will cause the temperature of the whole house to rise rapidly. The rise of external temperature can easily cause the body temperature of the chicken to rise, and the temperature will be overheated, which will reduce the density of breeding and facilitate the circulation of air inside and outside. This will alleviate this situation. Before the summer season, it is necessary to adjust the number of chickens per unit area in the chicken house in time to achieve uniform distribution of chickens in the chicken house and reduce the heat stress caused by excessive density.


Second, reduce the temperature of the house

1. Proper greening

Plant some tall trees around the house to avoid direct sunlight, which does not affect the ventilation and shade. Proper planting of the lawn can also absorb a large amount of heat and avoid sunlight reflection. Practice has proved that a good greening chicken farm can reduce the temperature of 3-5 °C for Poultry Farming Machinery in Nigeria

2. Water spray cooling

In the afternoon when the hottest or sudden power outage, you can manually spray water to the house, the fog should be as small as possible, and the fog should be large. For small and medium-sized chicken farms in rural areas, the roof cooling can be reduced by circulating water from plastic pipes.

Third, strengthen diet management

In summer, the temperature is high, the broiler’s breathing is accelerated, the body’s water evaporation is large, and the amount of drinking water is increased. So in the summer, make sure that you have enough water for the chickens and set up enough sinks to make sure that every chicken can drink. Change the drinking fountains frequently, and always change the water to ensure that the drinking water is clean types of poultry equipment in Kenya