Chicken cages can not be ignored for cleaning work

Nowadays, the number of chickens raised by farmers is more, and now the cultured egg broiler chickens are commonly use in chicken poultry farming cage. The breeding density is large and the quantity is large. The sanitary environment management of the chicken houses has become a key measure for raising chickens. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment, but now with the continuous advancement of scale, the number of chickens is large, and the environmental control is not good. Chickens are susceptible to diseases. Therefore, chicken cage farmers must not neglect the cleanliness of the house, environmental management. Well, raising chicken will also get twice the result with half the effort.


First of all, it is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the chicken house: the farmer must clean the inside and outside of the house during the process of raising chickens. The qualified farmers can choose to clean every day. In addition, they should pay attention to disinfecting the house regularly. It can effectively kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house and prevent the disease. However, the farmers should pay attention to cleaning the house before disinfecting, so that the disinfection effect will be better.



Hygienic cleaning of chicken cage equipment and utensils: Chicken cages are places where egg broilers live for a long time, and even grow and produce them all over the life. Therefore, there must be a large amount of feathers, feed, feces and other pollutants and residues of harmful objects on the surface of the cage. Households should pay attention to the hygienic cleaning of cages, troughs and waterlines, etc. For the trough, the farmers can clean them every day to avoid the long-term deterioration of the residual feed and affect the health of the flock.

Clean and hygienic chicken drinking water in chicken cages: Chickens need water every day. Water is a prerequisite for ensuring healthy growth of chickens. However, many farmers do not pay attention to the quality and hygiene of water. In fact, the quality of drinking water is related to the quality of egg broilers. Health problems, so the water given to the chickens by the farmers must meet the drinking water standards, and the water containing bacteria, dirt and impurities cannot be given to the chickens.

Clean and hygienic of the farmer: the farmer must pay attention to the fact that the farmer must make a fixed decision. Don’t often work in a row, have special work clothes to enter the Chicken Breeding Equipment house, and keep the work clothes clean at all times. These are some of the hygienic cleaning tasks that can’t be ignored when using chicken cages and breeding equipment. Only when the environment of the chicken house is done well, the chickens can grow and produce in a comfortable environment. Households can get better benefits