Talking about the price and advantage of laying hen cage

As we all know, the price of using layer chicken cages is much higher than that of flats. However, egg cage equipment has many advantages over flattening. Users who want to use chicken cages to raise chickens will consider whether the price of the egg cages can be directly proportional to the benefits brought to the chicken farms after use. Will it lead to a loss? The following authors provide answers to various farmers.

1. The first advantage of using laying hens to raise laying hens is to increase the number of breeding. Above the area of the same house, the use of laying hens can increase the number of laying hens by three or four times more than using the broiler. As the number increases, the benefits of farmers will naturally increase. In the past, farmers have to hire labor management, and it is not a small expenditure to pay wages to workers every month. However, using egg cage farming, although the number of breeding is increased, management is more convenient, and labor will not increase. Will be reduced accordingly. Moreover, the egg cage equipment can be used for more than ten years, bringing farmers a longer time advantage. Taken together, it is more cost-effective to raise chickens in laying hen cages than in flats.

2. Use poultry battery cages to raise chickens. The chickens live in cages for a long time. The space for the chickens is small, and the activity is much smaller than that of the flats. Therefore, the physical consumption of the chickens will be reduced, and the natural feed will be needed. By reducing, the cost of purchasing feed for farmers will be much reduced.

3. When using chicken cages to raise chickens, they are all three-dimensional culture. When chickens produce feces, they do not come into direct contact with the flock, avoiding the chance of contracting the disease due to exposure to fecal bacteria. Make the laying hens healthier and reduce the cost of treating the disease.

The advantages of using laying hen cages are more likely to increase the economic efficiency of farmers. So the cost is high, but the benefits are higher.